Adoption Fees


  • $125 for altered kittens under 6 months of age
  • $150 for Altered Breed Specific kittens (ex.. Maincoon, Siamese,…)
  • $100 for unaltered kittens, with additional $50 refundable spay/neuter deposit and signed contract that the kitten will be neutered by 6 months of age


  • $100 for adult cats over 6 months, but under 5 years.


  • $65.00 for kittens or adults that require special attention/care or are senior cats.

MULTIPLE CAT DISCOUNT IS AVAILABLE – Cats often like to go with a litter mate or freind talk to us about adopting 2.

*Please note, we reserve the right to lower and adjust our adoption prices per the specific cat/kitten at our discretion. This is usually dependent upon the cost to us for vetting a specific cat. All of our adoption monies/donations received go to pay our vet bills for our foster cats! We can not do this alone, thank you for adopting and donating!

We do not sanction giving a kitten as a gift.

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