Spay & Neuter

What are the numbers?

If an unspayed female cat, buy an unneutered male cat, and all of their subsequent unfixed offspring produced 2 litters per year at maturity, and 2.8 kittens from each litter survived and reproduced, this would amount to 11,606,077 cats in 9 years.

There are between 3 to 4 million animals euthanized in animal shelters each year. This is according to an estimate released by the Humane Society of the United States on November 23, 2009. The American Humane Association concurs with this number, placing their estimated number of euthanized animals at approximately 3.7 million. This is about one animal every 8 seconds.

Spaying and Neutering

If you are interested in adopting a kitten from us and are interested in some potential low cost spay or neuter we can discuss current options with you. The available options change based on situations and grant monies available from different organizations.

We occasionally are aware of low cost options for spay and neutering feral cats that you may be caring for. Let us know if you are in the Lansing/Jackson MI area and are caring for a feral colony and looking for low cost spay/neuter options.

LowCost Spay and Neuter by State: lovethatcat

There are options for Cat Birth control including food for Feral populations if spay neuter simply is not an option, like being able to trap in your feral population.

If you would like to make a directed donation for the spay/neuter of a cat, please let us know we can make sure the dollars are applied for that purpose. Either send a check to Faerie Tales Cat Rescue or use the PayPal link below:


  • $100 will help us purchase a live trap for feral cat surgeries
  • $70 will help us to spay one female cat
  • $45 will help us to neuter one male cat
  • $20 will help a volunteer travel to/from a vet appointment
  • $10 will provide pain relief during surgery recovery to a cat
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